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Go Green!

San Diego Green Contractor will advise you on the best options for residential and commercial water quality, water heating, water conservation, and water recycling.

  • Water Quality:

    • The hard water in San Diego County and Southern California creates havoc for pipes, equipment and consumers alike. We offer a solution:
      • Fully “green” state of the art 5-stage Water Conditioning for home (Whole House) and business.
        -    Prevents lime scale and mineral build up that damages fine residential and commercial hot water appliances and water heaters.
        -    Prevents the hard water spots that appear on glass and metal fixtures.
  • Water Heating:

    • Saving water and energy is really important to all water users in San Diego, especially with the current drought. We can help:
      • High efficiency tank water heaters from Rheem and other fine makers, help you heat more water with less energy.
      • The premium brand of tankless water heaters, by Noritz, allows significant energy saving and “ENDLESS” hot water for home and business. You heat only the water you are actually going to use; no energy is wasted on giant tanks of unused water. Very economical for businesses that consume lots of water like restaurants, hotels, and salons.
  • Water Conservation/ Environmental Concerns:

    • Our 5-stage Conditioners use no extra water, produce no polluting runoff and operate entirely without salt or other chemicals, making them truly “green.”
    • We offer Conditioning for business and industry, from boilers to golf courses to farms. All designed to conserve water and improve water quality at the same time.
  • Water Recycling:

    • Cooling Tower plumbing retrofits and advanced conditioning techniques save MILLIONS of gallons of water for commercial buildings. We work closely with facility managers and building owners to save water and energy through proper water treatment. This is the single biggest water saving opportunity available; please contact us for more details!
    • “Gray “water recycling may be applicable for your home or business, just ask us.

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